Rose Arbour in the Spring

An Invitation to Enjoy the
Pleasures of an Earlier Era

Rose Arbour recalls and restores a pace
of life from an earlier era and allows
you the opportunity to slow things down
a little; to sip and savor life instead of
gulping it down without ever tasting
its pleasures

Please take the time to explore Rose Arbour’s variety of offerings. Just click on
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Tea Room   Truly Fine Gifts   Bed & Breakfast
At Rose Arbour we are committed to:

  • serving you the tastiest of lunches, home-made desserts, and gourmet
    teas and coffees in our Tea Room
  • helping you celebrate all the special occasions and people in your life
    with a truly fine selection of gifts in our Gift Shop.
  • offering you the finest, most gracious and generous hospitality in our
    Bed & Breakfast